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Needle-punched mats made of BChF

Mats (coverings) are made of chopped-basalt strands (roving) without any binding substance, thus they compare favorably with thermal insulation, made on the basis of synthetic resins (phenol-formaldehyde ones). Coverings are used to arrange ventilated facades as well to insulate facades of the formerly constructed buildings by way of flattening coverings vertically or along guide-ways and protecting by chopped-basalt fiber slabs fastened by special plugs
  • The material is absolutely nonflammable, which makes it applicable in smoke exhaust devices, fire-protective doors, fire walls, in constructions when doorways and window areas are cutoff from load-bearing walls.
  • The material is environmentally benign; it allows its application for insulation purposes inside the premises and considerably improves energy efficiency.
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Konstanta Stroy - Turn-key structuring of houses and cottages. Repairing of administrative buildings. Department of Group Konstanta, assign a specialization to constructing.
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