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Работы в области инновационных технологий и энергосбережении

Технология очистки «МАНГУСТ»

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The inner surfaces of the boiler equipment in the process of their service life are coming into contact with water; this is resulted in various sediments forming. Sediments formation, despite chemical water treatment, is reasoning from salts, dissolved in water, as well as various sediment-forming suspended particles and mechanical impurities. The mentioned sediments’ thermal conductivity is more than 40 times lower than that of the metal elements. This is the very reason of the dramatic thermal conductivity decreasing – 1 mm-thick sludge layer causes a decrease by 15%.
A sludge layer of 0,3-0,4 mm is unsafe for the DKVR-type boilers; in case of a sludge layer more than of 0,5 mm thickness the above mentioned boiler equipment operating is not permitted. Uncontrolled sediments and sludge would lead to a dramatic (manifold) degradation and corrosion of the boiler equipment and, as a result, its breakdown that requires major repair. LLC «GRUPPA CONSTANTA» offers an integrated technology and equipment addressing removal of sediments of different origin.

“MANGUST” Technology has been developed on the basis of Hydro-vortex Heat Generator (HVHG). It has been designed to provide cleaning and flushing of heat exchangers, domestic hot water systems, pipelines and various other systems, in a word, systems exposed to rust deposits and crystalline solid, mechanical and organic sediments and impurities forming.

A patented “MANGUST” Technology is functioning on new physics chemical basis.

“MANGUST” Technology in comparison to the existing traditional cleaning methods is distinguished by a number of unique advantages:
  • Providing field system cleaning and flushing to refine away rust deposits, mechanical and organic impurities without system’s dismantling and at any time of the year.
  • Cavity fluid flow: the phenomenon, utilized in the “MANGUST” Technology, allows for creation of the vortex cavity flow of working fluid in the system which results in a dramatic increase of sediments of any origin fracture velocity. In the consequence it leads to super-effective rust deposits removal.
  • Temperature effect: the idea, which has been patented and utilized in the technology, allows for liberating thermal energy directly from water, thus considerably increasing cleaning velocity due to direct heat generation in the system itself (pipelines, heat exchangers, boilers, etc.).
  • Service coverage selectivity: “MANGUST” Technology allows for removing rust deposits without metal elements destructing.
  • Trouble-free way of disposal: waste water is dumped to the sewage system without any additional treating.
  • Environmental safety: “MANGUST” Technology is non-hazardous and environmentally benign.
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The Moscow Institute of Material Science and Efficient Technologies.
Dumping waste products from the heating system of the building.
   “MANGUST” cleaning system installed in the heating substation of the building of the school No 242
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Northeastern administrative district (okrug). School No 242 Dumping waste products from the heating system of the building of the school No 242
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Мангуст 45 кВт, для чистки
многоэтажных домов
и больших котельных
Мангуст для маленьких
5 1
Вырезка трубы из системы
отопления до химической очистки
Вырезка трубы после хим.очистки
5 2
Осадок отложений после
химической очистки
Патент на установку
для химической очистки
систем отопления

Репортаж с объекта очистки системы отопления многоэтажного дома г.Норильск

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