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Hydro-Vortex Heat Generator (HVHG)

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2 Hydro-vortex Heat Generator (HVHG) is used to provide heating and domestic hot water for the residential and public buildings, industrial facilities and agricultural complexes with the floor space from 150 to 12 000 m3. HVHG functioning is based on heating up of the heat medium by heat liberated in the process of fluid flows collision caused by fluidic hydrodynamic cavitations effect. Herewith the amount of the liberated thermal energy exceeds the amount of the electrical energy consumed by the pump to provide fluid circulation by 1.5 – 1.65 times.

HVHG unit installation on demand side (DS) could offer maximum effect in the event the best compromise of the thermal and hydrodynamic characteristics of the unit and the heating and domestic hot water system parameters is achieved.

Due to such peculiarities as compactness, accessibility to the end user due to minimizing distance in between the heat source and the consumer, absolute environmental friendliness, possibility to be operated in the complete automatic mode, and opportunity to avoid construction and heating mains upgrading costs, the unit (HVHG) could be considered as one of the most outstanding technical innovations of the century.

Heat Generator is fully equipped with all the required accessories to ensure connection as well as with a system of automatic regulation. It can be connected to the new as well as to the existing heating system. The design and dimension of HVHG make its installation trouble-free in any premises.

  • Scope of HVHG Delivery:
  • Electric pump of the KM-type
  • Control cabinet equipped with an automatic system of start-up control;
  • SIEMENS-type arrangement for smooth start-up;
  • Heat Generator.
!!! In addition an expansion tank and compensators of the ROTRING ERV-R-type can be included in the delivery if needed.

HVHG features for dependability and high level of efficiency in operation relative to heating appliances of some other types. Energy consumption costs per heating space unit with reference to electric boilers are 2 – 2,5 times lower, diesel and heavy oil boilers - 3,5-5 times lower, gas boilers – by 30-40 % lower (depends upon current gas prices) - in the event consumer is located at a far distance from heat sources, heating mains are depreciated as well as boilers (current electric energy prices in Moscow and Moscow Region.

Manufacturing and Operating HVHG is carried out in line with TU 49 38-001-107 96595-98. Not a subject to the Kotlonadzor services certification! License is not required to operate a heat generator of up to 100 kW capacity! (Federal low No 28-FZ dated 03.04.96).

Warranty period is 12 month. Form of payment – in cash as well as non-cash, 100% prepayment.

Basic Properties


  • Reducing electric energy consumption: coefficient of conversion of the electric energy into the thermal one is 1.5-1.65.
  • Fuel-free heat generating (gas, coal, wood, oil products – are not needed), it helps to eliminate fire risk.
  • Discrete mode of operation – system of automatic control equipped with temperature sensor allows providing heat medium temperature regulation in line with the established requirements. Temperature controller in response to a signal connects and disconnects the system. Usual time of the heat generator running makes 6-12 hours per day, which makes 20-25% of the total time of the heating system operation.
  • Wide temperature range: automatic control allows for setting any heat medium parameters in the range of from +35С to +90С. It helps to easily avoid premises overheating thus ensuring additional saving of funds. It is possible to keep supporting mode of heating in the unused premises (+ 7 -10С).
  • The only one unit incorporates functions of heat medium heating and circulating (pumping) both

Safety and Environmental Advantages

  • Heat generator running does not require coal, gas, diesel fuel consumption; which are not considered to be environmentally benign products; application of the HVHG unit eliminates emission of products of combustion and air decomposition thus avoiding explosion and fire.
  • Due to low working fluid pressure in the system units acquire safe and long in-use life.
  • GOSTEKHNADZOR permit is not required for the unit connection and operation.
  • Usage in the fire and explosion dangerous environment is acceptable.

Easy to Install and Maintain

  • Installation of the heat generator requires only connection of the supply and return pipes of the unit to the relevant pipes of the heating system.
  • The unit is regulated by means of automatic control system. Fluid quantity control in the system, leaks clearance at the connecting elements once in 2-3 years – are the only requirements with regard to the heat generator maintenance.
  • Laying heating pipelines and chemical water treating are not required.
  • No sediments appear inside the inner surfaces of HVHG unit.

Flexibility in Application

  • Heat generator can be connected either to the new or to the existing heating system.
  • Heat generator is acceptable in conventional heating systems as well as in the heating systems with the floor heating.
  • Heat generator allows for usage of any fluid but not the water only in the capacity of heat medium (with the exception of flammable and volatile ones).
  • Water treatment is not required.


Technical characteristics of HVHG





HVHG -11

HVHG -22

HVHG -37

Building: volume mЗ     from –
floor space m2     from -
Motor capacity kW 3-4,5 5,5 7,5 11 22 37
Energy consumption kWh 2,5 3 4 5,5 12 22
Voltage in the grid (v/Gz)
Three phase
Working temperature °С 65-90 65-90 65-90 65-90 65-90 65-90
Heat output (kcal/h) 2580 4730 6450 9460 18920 31800
Operating mode Independent. Independent. Independent. Independent. Independent. Independent.
Required volume of fluid in system (liter) 40 60 90 200 400 600
Weight of the Unit (kg) 50 65 90 180 350 460
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