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Development in Innovative Technology and Energy Conservation

Basalt-fiber-reinforced concrete facade claddings

Technological process and equipment have been developed for manufacturing basalt-fiber-reinforced concrete facade claddings of various color grade and surface finish with dimensions of up to 600 x 600 mm: glossy, half-matt, matt, brick-look, wild stone finish, and ceramic face finish.
Basalt-fiber-reinforced concrete claddings characteristics in comparison to ceramic granite:
  • extension strength 1.5 times higher;
  • relative viscosity 2 times higher
  • freeze resistance 2 times higher;
  • price 2-3 times lower.
The claddings depending upon the purpose are designed to be manufactured of 10-15 mm thickness, from 0, 6 m up to 1, 2 m in width and from 0, 6 m up to 1, 8 m in length; they might be used either as a plate of the front face of prefabricated panels, or in metalwork such as hinged facades; or in repairing works by way of screw fastening them by plugs through thermal insulation.
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