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Mechanically Activated Cement

Mechanically activated cement is a multi-component hydraulic binding substance produced by way of portland cement mechanochemical treatment with application of mineral supplement and modifying agents.

The main point of the mechanochemical activation consists in cement grains’ dispergating, partial mechanical destruction and amorphisation of elements of their pattern, significant growth of density of the active centers on the surface of the particles of polydisperse polymineral binding substance.

Mechanically activated cement is distinguished by the following advantages:
  • Hydraulic activity is by 1,7 – 2 times higher than that of the base portland cement;
  • Lower volume of cement consumption for mortar and concrete preparing;
  • Low water requirement and high water holding properties;
  • Hypermobility of mixtures and non-disintegration under transportation;
  • Shelf stability of binding properties;
Mechanically activated cement-based technology as compared with the analogous processes allows:
  • producing super concrete and ultrastrength concrete materials (higher than strength class V60) that feature high water proofing capacity (W12 – W18), high chemical stability to sulphates, chlorides and sub acids;
  • ensuring saving metal (reinforcing steel) by 30 – 50 % in super and ultra strength concretes;
  • accelerating articles curing to attain strength up to 60 – 70 MPa within round-the-clock period; within three-day period concrete articles can attain strength no lower than 70% of concrete grade strength at 28 days of standard curing;
  • reducing cement consumption by 2-4 times for production of binder of brand 300 – 500 due to simultaneous mechanical activation of siliceous aggregates (barchan’s sands, ashes, slags);
  • arranging processing of portland cement as well as clinker by way of setting-up stand-alone technology unit or its integration into the existing process of cement production;
  • decreasing energy costs in the concrete production process due to avoiding thermal treatment of articles while curing;
  • producing architectural concrete of better ornamental design (pure tone, gay colors), resistant to lime incrustation: formation of efflorescence on the article’s surface in the process of operation under unfavorable conditions of metropolises;
  • making articles from architectural concrete in properties close to natural granite, but by 3-5 times less expensive and ready for further polishing and finishing as in the case of natural stone.
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